Meng Du was born and raised in Beijing, China. In 2004, she attended the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and graduated from the Graphic Design program in 2008. Since her sophomore year, she worked as a book designer with galleries, art critics and curators such as Pace Beijing, SOKA Gallery  and Time Zone 8. She also worked for an independent graphic design studio as a graphic designer and illustrator before being accepted to the Rochester Institute of Technology.  In 2010 she moved to Rochester, NY as an MFA candidate within the Glass Program of the School for American Crafts. 

In 2013, Meng Du completed her MFA study from RIT and has since remained a part of the Glass Program at RIT as part of their artist in residence program and Adjunct Faculty. Her work has continued to exhibit in China, Japan, Europe, and in the United States. 



2008年本科毕业于中央美术学院设计学院,视觉传达专业。曾多次与艺术评论家,艺术家,策展人,以及佩斯北京,索卡艺术中心,东八时空等画廊合作,从事书籍设计工作。并于毕业后加入Birthmark平面工作室,任平面设计与插画设计一职。2010年她前往美国罗切斯特,就读于罗切斯特理工大学玻璃专业。 2013完成玻璃专业研究生之后,杜蒙被留在学校做驻地艺术家,同时担任客座教授教授铸造课程。目前她工作并生活于中国北京和上海,她的作品持续在美国,中国,日本,以及欧洲多次参展并获奖。